The new Bluetooth tool by Android 15 has the potential to change the way users engage with their phone.

Recent insights into the upcoming Android 15 have been revealed, shedding light on a new feature that may revolutionize how users interact with their smartphones. With the discovery of the “Bluetooth Auto-On” functionality, users can expect a more seamless experience as Bluetooth connectivity will automatically turn on if disabled. This feature, found in the Android 14 QPR2 patch, presents a convenient option for users, allowing them to easily enable Bluetooth for essential features like Quick Share and Find My Device.

Moreover, industry insider Mishaal Rahman uncovered additional details on the Bluetooth Auto-On tool through the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Rahman revealed that only system apps will be compatible with this feature, indicating potential limitations for third-party software. While initially associated with Android 15, there is speculation that this feature could extend to older OS versions, with certain device compatibility requirements.

Additionally, a tantalizing glimpse into Android 15’s capabilities includes the discovery of “Adaptive Timeout” in a developer preview. This feature, though shrouded in mystery due to limited code information, appears to offer a unique screen activation behavior. Unlike traditional Screen Timeout, Adaptive Timeout aims to intelligently power off the screen when the user is not actively engaging with the device, potentially leveraging facial recognition or sensor input to determine user interaction.

Mishaal Rahman’s findings suggest that Adaptive Timeout could be Pixel-exclusive, hinting at a specialized feature set for Google’s flagship devices. By proactively managing screen activation, this tool could enhance battery life and bolster user data privacy, making it an enticing addition to the Android 15 ecosystem.

Adaptive Screens Feature

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