The Samsung Galaxy Watch FE has been discontinued, but there may still be a budget-friendly Samsung smartwatch in development.

Rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming line of smartwatches have been circulating for some time, particularly in regards to the Galaxy Watch 4 and a potential revamped Samsung Galaxy Watch 7. Earlier speculations even suggested the possibility of a ‘Galaxy Watch FE’, but a recent leak by journalist Max Jambor hinted otherwise. According to Jambor, it seems that the new watch in development may be named the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) instead of the anticipated ‘FE’ model.

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While the exact features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) remain undisclosed, tech enthusiasts anticipate that it could incorporate elements typical of an ‘FE’ model. This speculation gained traction after leaks from another reputable source, Roland Quandt, hinted at a potential revamped smartwatch from Samsung, alongside other new releases like the 2024 version of the Tab S6. If these rumors hold true, Samsung might be following a trend observed in the industry, where companies offer budget-friendly versions of their popular products.

Reflecting on the success of the Galaxy Watch 4’s release in 2021, Samsung garnered praise for its innovative design, snappy performance, and updated software. The incorporation of features like the virtual rotating bezel from previous models and the embrace of WearOS highlighted Samsung’s commitment to delivering a user-friendly experience. The longevity of the Galaxy Watch 4’s popularity further underscores the brand’s prowess in the smartwatch market.

A potential reimagining of the Galaxy Watch 4 in 2024 could cater to consumers seeking a balance between affordability and functionality. Much like the Apple Watch SE, Samsung’s revamped smartwatch might offer an appealing option for users looking for essential features at a reasonable price. With expectations of enhanced design and compatibility with the latest WearOS and One UI 6, the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) is eagerly awaited by tech enthusiasts.

Analysis: A sensible step for Samsung

As the tech industry continues to evolve, the strategy of repositioning existing products as more affordable alternatives presents a strategic move for companies like Samsung. The potential launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) with enhanced features at a competitive price point aligns with market demands and could solidify Samsung’s position in the smartwatch segment.

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