The third generation of iFi’s budget-friendly Zen DAC is now available, complete with an added phono stage.

iFi’s double-Zen Record Store Day offering

As phono stages go, it’s a looker
(Image credit: iFi)

But that’s not all! To celebrate Record Store Day, the Stockport UK-based firm has introduced the Zen Phono 3. Crafted for vinyl lovers demanding the best, it includes an intelligent subsonic filter to eliminate pitch changes from warped records without sacrificing the low end.

The Zen Phono 3’s RIAA equalization circuit boasts an Equivalent Input Noise of -151dBV, promising fidelity and detail. Balanced and RCA line outputs, adjustable gain range, power supply controller, and loading options cater to different cartridges, enhancing the overall performance.

The iFi Zen Phono 3 can be purchased for $249 and offers comprehensive features for audiophiles.

The third generation of iFi’s budget-friendly Zen DAC with new features

iFi has announced the release of the Zen DAC 3 and Zen Phono 3, expanding its entry-level desktop Zen DAC lineup. The Zen DAC 3 targets gamers, casual listeners, and audiophiles with its compact design and affordable pricing.

Featuring “ultra-res audio,” PCM 768kHz to DSD 512, and MQA decoding, the Zen DAC 3 ensures high-quality sound reproduction. Equipped with two 4.4mm balanced outputs and analog processing modes, this model minimizes distortion and noise for an improved listening experience.

With enhanced DC offset and overvoltage protection, the Zen DAC 3 offers a refreshed design and USB-C input for convenience. Available for $229, this new iteration promises premium audio performance.

Zen DAc 3 seen from the back, on white background

Small in size, big for connectivity
(Image credit: iFi)

With a focus on providing a comprehensive listening experience, the Zen DAC 3 offers advanced features and improved performance, making it an attractive option for both new and seasoned audiophiles.

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