This device guarantees to enhance efficiency while driving by transforming ICE screens into displays, and also offers free Samsung DeX compatibility.

Mayton Motion brings forth a game-changing wireless adapter, the AutoPro X, designed to transform the navigation screen in your vehicle into a versatile laptop-like display. This innovation offers a plethora of new features, accessed simply by connecting the device to the car’s USB port.

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Equipped with Android Auto/Samsung DeX compatibility, the AutoPro X enables Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to pair game controllers, keyboards, and other peripherals with the screen. While the idea of engaging in various activities on this screen might raise concerns about distraction, Mayton Motion emphasizes the importance of using the device responsibly.

Mayton boasts that the AutoPro X introduces a wide array of functions, including GPS navigation, YouTube streaming, internet browsing, email management, social media access, Chat GPT, document editing, gaming, and voice command capabilities.

AutoPro X features a unique ‘Screen Select Mode’, enabling drivers to customize the display size to their preference, whether filling the screen or maintaining the original aspect ratio. This adaptability enhances user experience and ensures optimal visibility while on the road.

The AutoPro X device is currently available for support on Kickstarter, offering an Early Bird price of $140. This cutting-edge technology is compatible with vehicles that support connectivity to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Android Auto. Mayton advises users to check their car’s compatibility by testing Android Auto with a cable, or by referring to the list of compatible phones and vehicles on the Kickstarter page.

It is essential to note that involvement in crowdfunded projects, like the AutoPro X, does not guarantee product completion or delivery. Nonetheless, the overwhelming support for this device is evident, with pledges surpassing $142,984, well exceeding the initial goal of $5000. This positive response signifies the promising future of the AutoPro X in the market.

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