Updates on the development of Control 2, Control multiplayer, and Max Payne remakes have been released by Remedy.

In a recent shareholders report published on April 29 (via Eurogamer), Remedy Entertainment shared exciting updates on the development of Control 2, Codename Condor, and the remakes of Max Payne 1 and 2. The studio confirmed that the Max Payne remakes, announced in 2022, are scheduled to move into “full production” during Q2 of 2024 after completing its production readiness stage.

Meanwhile, Remedy’s upcoming co-operative multiplayer game, Codename Condor, set in the Control universe, has officially entered full production. This signifies that the game is in its final development stages before being launched. According to the report, internal playtests have shown that the core loop of Codename Condor is engaging, offering a unique Remedy angle to the genre.

Regarding Control 2, the development team has been focused on finalizing the proof-of-concept stage, where the game world, mechanics, and visual targets are validated. The studio anticipates that the project will advance to the “production readiness stage” by Q2 2024. On the other hand, Codename Kestrel, Remedy’s multiplayer action game, remains in the concept stage as the team continues to refine the game’s overall concept.

Remedy also revealed that Alan Wake 2, which launched in October, has sold 1.3 million units as of the beginning of February. By the end of the first quarter, the game has managed to recoup a significant portion of its development and marketing expenses. Additionally, Alan Wake 2 is poised to receive two paid expansions – Night Springs and The Lake House. While Night Springs is expected to be released in late spring, the release date for The Lake House is yet to be announced.

Aside from game development updates, Remedy reported that Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent has increased its shareholding in the studio to 14.80%, following the acquisition of a 3.8% stake back in 2021.

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