Vodafone aims to assist small and medium-sized businesses in the UK to achieve their highest levels of productivity.

Vodafone has introduced a new initiative called ‘Your Business Can’ with the aim of enhancing productivity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK. The telecoms company’s campaign is focused on simplifying the process of acquiring digital tools to help SMEs with up to 250 employees improve productivity and enhance cybersecurity.

The launch of ‘Your Business Can’ follows an internal survey that revealed 46% of UK SMEs believe they could increase profits by utilizing digital tools more effectively. Additionally, 40% of respondents admitted they currently lack the knowledge required to maximize the potential of digital tools, emphasizing the need for support in this area.

Specifically targeting companies looking to enhance flexible working, convenience, control, and protection, Vodafone’s new initiative offers a range of solutions. These include Microsoft 365, Vodafone Business & RingCentral Unified Communications, Vodafone Business Broadband, and cybersecurity measures from Vodafone Lookout for Business and Trend Micro. The campaign will be supported by TV and digital advertising to raise awareness about these offerings.

Jo Wedlock, Vodafone’s Business Brand Marketing and Communications Director, highlighted the convenience of accessing both in-house and third-party packages directly through Vodafone. She stated, “This campaign underscores our commitment to providing small businesses with knowledge and access to top solutions that can unlock untapped profitability, efficiency, and productivity in today’s competitive landscape, all available for direct purchase through Vodafone.”

The latest announcement comes shortly after Vodafone revealed plans to establish community hubs to assist IT experts in launching their businesses as part of a Vodafone franchise program. For more details on Vodafone’s business-focused products and services, visit the company’s website.

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