Your Roku TV, which has been around for a while, is soon going to receive a stunning and complimentary update.

Roku has announced plans for a series of software updates for Roku TVs that will not only enhance their functionality but also add a touch of elegance to their appearance. With the introduction of the Pro line of TV sets featuring sleek designs and minimal bezels, Roku is now focusing on improving the aesthetic appeal of their devices.

One of the most notable updates is the launch of Backdrops, which replaces the traditional Roku City screen-saver image with museum-quality artwork. While this feature may resonate better with newer Pro series TVs, it will be available for all previous Roku TV models as well. The Backdrops update allows users to display captivating works of art, with the TV adjusting brightness to enhance the visual experience based on ambient lighting conditions.

Roku is also introducing Roku Smart Picture, a feature that will enhance the viewing experience by analyzing the content being watched and optimizing the image quality accordingly. Whether it’s a sporting event or a movie in Dolby HDR10, the TV will automatically adjust its settings to deliver the best possible visual output.

(Image credit: Future)

Furthermore, Roku’s overall platform will see updates such as the integration of IMDB ratings, a designated Movies and TV row for top-searched content, and enhancements to the Roku City screensaver. The cityscape will now feature new vehicles like an ice cream truck and a secret agent car, adding a fun touch to the user interface.

While these software updates are not yet available, Roku plans to roll them out gradually over the next few months. New Roku TV models will come equipped with Smart Picture enabled by default, while existing models will require users to activate the feature in the settings menu.

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