Amazon has opted to discontinue its cashierless checkout system at its grocery stores

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Amazon has made the decision to discontinue its cashierless checkout system, known as Just Walk Out, at its Fresh supermarkets in the United States. The company has confirmed this change as part of its ongoing strategy adjustment in the grocery sector. Instead of the Just Walk Out system, Amazon will focus on implementing Dash Carts, which automatically keep track of items added to the cart, allowing customers to skip the traditional checkout process.

According to Amazon spokesperson Carly Golden, the shift away from Just Walk Out was driven by customer feedback requesting features like easier product location, access to deals, viewing receipts while shopping, and tracking savings in real-time. The company has invested significant resources in redesigning Amazon Fresh stores to enhance the overall shopping experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction scores and increased purchases.

The cashierless technology was first introduced by Amazon in 2018 at a convenience store on its Seattle campus. The system utilizes a network of cameras and sensors to monitor customers’ selected items and automatically charge them upon exit, eliminating the need for traditional checkout processes. While Amazon will discontinue Just Walk Out in some Fresh stores, the technology will continue to be used in Amazon Go convenience stores and certain smaller Fresh locations in the UK. Additionally, Amazon plans to license the system to third-party retailers.

Over the years, Amazon has expanded the application of its Just Walk Out technology beyond its own stores, selling the systems to various industries like airports, sports stadiums, and hospitals. Initially championed by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos as a way to revolutionize the retail experience, the cashierless system has evolved under the company’s cloud computing division. Despite this shift in strategy, Amazon continues to innovate in the grocery market to offer customers a seamless shopping experience.



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