Amazon has begun to offer smart grocery carts for sale to other retailers.

Amazon has expanded its innovative smart shopping cart technology to other retailers, allowing customers to streamline their grocery shopping experience. The Dash Cart, first introduced in 2020 at Amazon’s Fresh supermarket chain and later implemented in select Whole Foods stores, utilizes computer vision and sensors to automatically identify and track items added to the cart. The display on the cart adjusts the total price in real time as items are added or removed, eliminating the need for traditional checkout lines. This move marks Amazon’s latest effort to offer its cutting-edge retail technology to a wider audience.

The smart grocery carts are currently being tested at Price Chopper and McKeever’s Market stores in Kansas and Missouri. By leveraging the convenience and efficiency of the Dash Cart, customers can scan products directly into the cart as they shop, creating a seamless and frictionless shopping experience. Amazon’s decision to make its smart grocery carts available to other retailers reflects its commitment to revolutionizing the retail industry with innovative solutions like the Dash Cart and Just Walk Out technology.

In addition to rolling out the Dash Cart to third-party retailers, Amazon has been expanding its cashier-less technology, Just Walk Out, to various locations beyond its own stores. This technology allows customers to grab items they need and simply walk out of the store, with their purchases automatically tallied and charged. Despite recent layoffs affecting Amazon’s physical store technology teams, the company remains optimistic about the future of cashier-less technology in retail establishments with a curated selection of items.

While reports surfaced claiming that Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology relied on human moderators to monitor shoppers, the company refuted these claims, explaining that human staff members are responsible for labeling and annotating shopping data to train the AI models. The use of cameras and sensors throughout the store ensures accurate tracking of items selected by customers, with charges applied automatically upon exiting the store. Amazon continues to innovate in the retail space, offering cutting-edge solutions to enhance the shopping experience for customers and retailers alike.

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