Amazon Music is introducing a new Maestro feature to compete with Spotify’s AI playlists.

Amazon Music is stepping up its game by incorporating AI features into its music streaming platform. With the introduction of Maestro, a new AI playlist generator, Amazon Music aims to compete with Spotify’s AI DJ feature.

Maestro allows users to create personalized playlists by using prompts such as emojis, emotions, activities, and even sounds. This feature is currently in beta testing in the US and will be available across all tiers of Amazon Music’s service on both iOS and Android platforms.

(Image credit: Amazon / Amazon Music)

While Maestro is still in the early stages of development, Amazon Music is committed to improving the feature based on user feedback. The system is designed to filter out offensive language and inappropriate prompts, ensuring a positive user experience. Amazon’s move to incorporate AI into its music streaming service reflects its strategy to enhance user engagement and stay competitive in the market.

Amazon Music’s foray into AI playlists is part of a larger trend in the music streaming industry, where platforms are increasingly leveraging technology to offer personalized experiences to users. With Maestro, Amazon Music is hoping to offer a unique and innovative way for users to discover and enjoy music tailored to their preferences.

How to use Maestro in the Amazon Music app

(Image credit: Amazon / Amazon Music)

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