Apple has announced that iOS 18 may come equipped with AI, with the introduction of 8 new artificial intelligence models designed to run on the device.

Apple has recently revealed plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into iOS 18, introducing 8 innovative AI models designed to operate directly on the device. This move marks a significant shift towards on-device AI processing, a departure from the conventional cloud-based AI systems.

The technology giant has made significant strides in AI development, with a strategic focus on both cloud-based and on-device AI solutions. Reports suggest that Apple is even exploring the creation of its own AI server chips, underscoring its dedication to advancing AI capabilities across all platforms.

Apple’s suite of AI tools comprises eight distinct models known as OpenELMs (Open-source Efficient Language Models). These models are open-source and readily accessible on the Hugging Face Hub, a community hub for AI developers. While four models were pre-trained on CoreNet, the remaining four received instruction tuning from Apple to enhance their responsiveness to specific prompts.

The decision to release open-source AI software showcases Apple’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the broader AI community. By sharing the OpenELMs, Apple aims to empower developers and researchers to contribute to the enhancement of AI technologies.

The Impact on Users

Apple’s focus on AI underscores its dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology amid intense competition in the tech industry. By making these on-device AI models available to the public, Apple seeks to engage developers in refining and optimizing the software for future iterations of iOS and macOS.

Apple devices already boast advanced AI capabilities, thanks to the Apple Neural Engine powering features like Face ID and Animoji. The forthcoming M4 chip for Mac systems is anticipated to introduce enhanced AI processing capabilities, aligning with the growing demand for machine-learning tools in professional software applications.

The integration of AI is poised to be a central theme in iOS 18 and macOS 15, potentially heralding a new era of innovative features. The hope is that Apple will leverage AI to introduce unique functionalities, distinguishing itself from competitors like Microsoft with its AI-focused offerings.

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