Assassin’s Creed Shadows Unveils 13-Minutes of Gameplay Demonstrating Sneaky Tactics, Discovery and Additional Features

Ubisoft has unveiled 13 minutes of extended Thief’s Opera Silhouettes gameplay, showcasing the game’s enhanced stealth tactics, discovery, landscapes, and more.

During the Ubisoft Forward event, the new gameplay footage was showcased. Game Director Charles Benoit and Art Director Thierry Dansereau provided an in-depth look at the game’s combat and sneaky maneuvers. The press release from Ubisoft describes the Gameplay Walkthrough mission in the castle town of Fukuchiyama in Tamba Province, where Naoe and Yasuke track down a corrupted daimyo. The gameplay highlights the symbiotic relationship between the two playable characters: Naoe, the nimble and secretive Shinobi, and Yasuke, the Samurai focused on combat skills.

Both of these fresh videos can be found below. Additionally, we’ve included some supplementary information about the gameplay walkthrough mission as detailed by Ubisoft.

  • Naoe embodies the core essence of a Shinobi Thief. With a versatile grappling hook for stealthy aerial assassinations and enhanced mobility, along with kunai and her unique Hidden Blade for swift eliminations, she possesses a varied toolkit for striking from the shadows. Although more susceptible in close combat, she can adeptly deflect and dodge enemy attacks, responding with lethal precision, utilizing light, her environment, and surrounding structures to take down her adversaries.
  • Yasuke is suited for head-on confrontations, depending on his exceptional combat abilities and Samurai weaponry mastery. Whether wielding the Katana for decisive blows, favoring raw power with the Kanabo, or engaging enemies from a distance with the deadly flint rifle named Teppo, he excels at handling multiple foes simultaneously.

Thief’s Opera Silhouettes is set to launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, Amazon Luna, and Macs with Apple silicon through the Mac App Store on November 15, 2024. The game will also become available on iPad at a later date.

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