Bitdefender has recently introduced new identity protection features for Gmail and Outlook users.

Identity theft protection

Bitdefender has recently upgraded its Digital Identity Protection, now integrating with Gmail and Outlook. The service monitors the dark web for any signs of a user’s personal data being compromised by hackers, expanding its reach by connecting to Google’s Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

According to Bitdefender, theft of digital identity is a significant concern, with statistics showing a substantial increase in consumer losses due to fraud. The Identity Theft Resource Center reported over 3,000 publicly disclosed data breaches last year, affecting millions of individuals.

Ciprian Istrate, Senior Vice President of Bitdefender Consumer Solutions Group, highlighted the risks associated with entering personal information online, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to address potential threats. The Digital Identity Protection service notifies users of potential breaches, enabling them to take immediate actions like changing passwords and freezing credit cards.

The service actively monitors a range of sensitive information including email addresses, passwords, credit card details, Social Security Numbers, and phone numbers. Additionally, users can access and manage the data stored by various online platforms, even requesting deletion of their personal information.

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