Use Proton Mail’s latest tool to find out if your information has been compromised.

Proton Mail, known for its top-notch security features, has recently rolled out a new Dark Web Monitoring tool to further strengthen its defenses against rampant data breaches. With the increasing incidents of data leaks compromising billions of people’s credentials, the need for proactive security measures has never been more crucial. This latest tool aims to notify users as soon as their information surfaces in a breach, allowing them to take swift action before potential malicious actors exploit it.

Encryption Alone Is Not Sufficient

Eammon Maguire, the Head of Anti-Abuse & Account Security at Proton, emphasized that even robust end-to-end encryption is not foolproof against the vast pool of leaked information, data, and credential dumps found on the dark web. The sheer scale of recent data breaches underscores the urgency for better protection. For instance, a massive data leak earlier this year exposed a 12TB database containing over 26 billion records, marking it as the largest data breach on record.

Cybercriminals frequently leverage stolen credentials in various attacks, including identity theft, exploiting the fact that many individuals reuse passwords across multiple accounts. As a result, automated early warnings, like the Dark Web Monitoring tool from Proton Mail, play a crucial role in helping users shield their digital identities and mitigate potential risks.

This monitoring tool scans the dark web extensively to identify email addresses, passwords, and other personal details linked to users’ accounts. Upon detecting any leaked information related to a user’s accounts on third-party websites, Proton promptly alerts the user, providing detailed information about the breach and recommending steps to secure their digital presence.

Proton Mail’s Dark Web Monitoring feature is bolstered by the company’s threat intelligence datasets and collaboration with Constella Intelligence, a prominent digital threat management firm. Users can rest assured that their data remains safeguarded, as Proton ensures that no user data is shared with external parties for monitoring purposes.

Available exclusively for paid subscribers on Proton Mail’s web and desktop applications, the Dark Web Monitoring tool displays a comprehensive list of known breaches affecting users’ accounts over the past two years. The severity of breaches is color-coded, with high-risk incidents marked in red and less critical breaches in orange.

In the near future, Dark Web Monitoring will also deliver notifications to users’ Android and iOS devices, enhancing the speed of response to potential threats. Proton’s commitment to expanding the scope of monitored data highlights its dedication to empowering users to manage their digital identities effectively.

According to Maguire, while preventing data breaches entirely may be a challenge, leveraging tools like Dark Web Monitoring enables users to proactively mitigate risks and maintain control over their online security. For users concerned about heightened cyber threats, Proton offers the Sentinel program to Unlimited, Family, and Business subscribers as an additional security measure.

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