Classic Editor vs. Block Editor: A WordPress Showdown


The battle between the classic and block editors in WordPress has been raging for years, with each side having its passionate advocates. But which one is truly the best choice for you? Let’s delve into a detailed comparison to help you decide:


Ease of Use:

  • Classic Editor: More familiar for experienced users, especially those comfortable with code and HTML. Offers a direct, text-based approach to content creation.
  • Block Editor: Designed for intuitiveness and visual appeal. Drag-and-drop blocks make creating layouts and adding elements much simpler for beginners.


Flexibility and Customization:

  • Classic Editor: Requires plugins and coding knowledge for complex layouts and functionalities. More limited in terms of visual design options.
  • Block Editor: Offers a wider range of built-in blocks and constant expansion through third-party developers. More visual control over layouts and design.



  • Classic Editor: Generally faster and lighter, especially for content-heavy websites.
  • Block Editor: Can experience performance issues with complex block layouts, particularly on shared hosting. Optimization strategies often needed.


Learning Curve:

  • Classic Editor: Familiar for existing WordPress users, but requires understanding of HTML and shortcodes for advanced customization.
  • Block Editor: Steeper learning curve for experienced users, but easier for beginners due to its visual nature.


Community and Support:

  • Classic Editor: Extensive documentation and tutorials available, but development has slowed down.
  • Block Editor: Actively developed with constant updates and improvements, but smaller community compared to the classic editor.


Third-Party Integrations:

  • Classic Editor: More plugins and themes are compatible, but some might not be updated for modern WordPress versions.
  • Block Editor: Growing compatibility with plugins and themes, but not all tools are fully optimized yet.



  • Classic Editor: Long-term support uncertain, might eventually become obsolete.
  • Block Editor: The future of WordPress content creation, constantly evolving with new features and capabilities.


So, which one should you choose?

It ultimately depends on your individual needs and priorities:


  • Choose the Classic Editor if:
    • You’re an experienced user comfortable with code and HTML.
    • You prioritize website performance and have a complex content structure.
    • You rely on specific plugins or themes that might not be fully compatible with the block editor yet.


  • Choose the Block Editor if:
    • You’re a new user or prefer a visual, drag-and-drop approach.
    • You value flexibility, customization, and access to a wider range of design options.
    • You want to embrace the future of WordPress and stay ahead of the curve.


Remember, you can always experiment with both editors and see which one suits your workflow better. WordPress even allows you to switch between them depending on your needs.


TIP: In case you don’t like or can’t find your way around with block editor, you can add the plugin “Advanced Editor Tools” or download it from here to install classic editor back to your WordPress site.


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