Explanation of Invincible season 2 finale: the fate of [SPOILER], mid-credits scene revelation, speculation on Spider-Man cameo, and addressing key lingering questions

Full spoilers follow for Invincible season 2 and its source material.

Amazon’s adaptation of the R-rated superhero comic books delivered a great ending to its latest installment. Its finale, titled ‘I Thought You Were Stronger’, was full of crowd-pleasing, traumatic, and puzzling moments, and we suspect you have queries about some or all of them. From post-credits scenes and season 3 details to possible character deaths and a rumored Spider-Man cameo, we’re here to answer your most pressing questions about Invincible’s latest season. This is your final warning: do not proceed unless you’ve seen the final episode of Invincible season 2.

Did Mark Kill Angstrom Levy?

For anyone who hasn’t read the graphic novels, it’ll appear that way. After spending the past eight episodes grappling with the fact that he won’t be like his father Nolan/Omni-Man and take another person’s life, Mark seemingly beats Angstrom to death. He does so after Angstrom severely injures Mark’s mom Debbie, traumatizes his half-brother Oliver, and psychologically tortures Mark by sending him to various universes using his portal-based abilities.

Considering what Mark has already been through, it’s another harrowing moment for the superpowered teenager to deal with. And yet, even as the devastated Mark tries to rationalize, and then struggles to handle, the fallout from seemingly killing Angstrom, the latter isn’t dead after all.

Is Debbie Okay?

Yes, but it’ll take her a while to physically and emotionally recover from another distressing incident. In recent episodes, Debbie had finally started to turn a corner following Nolan’s betrayal in the season 1 finale, but Angstrom’s revenge mission will have taken its toll on her.

Thanks to the Global Defense Agency’s advanced medical technology, however, Debbie should make a full physical recovery. She was already on the mend when Mark finally made it back to his dimension – more on this later – so she’ll be fighting fit soon enough. In the meantime, she’ll be heavily reliant on April, Oliver’s nanny, to look after him.

Where Does Mark End Up After His Battle with Angstrom?

It’s not explicitly stated where Mark ends up after defeating Angstrom. Neither the show nor the comics confirm if this is an alternate version of Earth but, wherever it is, a cataclysmic event has occurred that’s basically eradicated civilization as we know it.

What is interesting, though, is who rescues Mark from this wasteland planet. With the show’s titular character convinced he’s killed Angstrom, who is the only person with time- and dimension-hopping powers, Mark has no way of returning home. That’s the case until a future version of the Guardians of the Globe, who traveled 20 years into the past to find Mark, locate and save him.

Who Are the Guardians of the Globe’s New Team Members?

As we mentioned above, the Guardians come to Mark’s aid. They acquire four time machines in the future, allowing them to send Mark back to his reality. The future Guardians’ team that rescues Mark has two new members alongside the aforementioned Eve and Rex, namely Kid Thor and Knockout, superpowered individuals who join the fight against various threats.

Do Mark and Eve Finally Get Together?

No – not yet, at least. Still reeling from recent events and decisions, Mark has a lot on his mind. In the final scene of season 2, he meets up with Eve, and while she’s overjoyed to see him, Mark decides not to reveal his feelings to her. Instead, they share a quiet moment on a rooftop.

Does Spider-Man Make a Shock Cameo?

Before we answer that, let’s delve into some background. In a crossover event in 2005, Invincible and Spider-Man teamed up in a comic series. Speculation about a Spider-Man cameo in Invincible grew since the show’s debut in 2021, especially when Josh Keaton, who voiced Spider-Man in a previous show, confirmed his involvement in Invincible season 2. Ultimately, Keaton voices a character named Agent Spider, a parody of the popular superhero, in the season 2 finale.

Are Those Batman and The Walking Dead Easter Eggs?

In season 2’s final entry, Mark encounters variations of Batman and The Walking Dead’s zombie-infested world, paying homage to these iconic franchises and their creators. These easter eggs add a fun twist to the already compelling storyline.

Wait, Dupli-Kate Is Alive?

Despite assumptions, Dupli-Kate survived a previous encounter by cleverly using her duplicates to create a diversion. Her surprise reappearance poses intriguing possibilities for future storylines.

Is There a Mid-Credits Scene?

Yes, ‘I Thought You Were Stronger’ includes a mid-credits scene featuring Allen and Nolan in a telepathic exchange, hinting at developments to come in the next season.

Will There Be a Third Season?

Amazon renewed Invincible for two more seasons in May 2021, confirming that a third season is on its way. Fans can look forward to more thrilling adventures in the upcoming installment.

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