Former Intel president launches chip company with plans for a powerful 256-core CPU targeted at AI applications, aiming to compete with Nvidia’s B100. The AmpereOne-3 is expected to feature support for PCIe 6.0 and DDR5 technology.

Ampere Computing Unveils the AmpereOne-3 CPU

Last year, Ampere Computing introduced its AmpereOne Family of processors, featuring up to 192 single-threaded Ampere cores, setting a new industry standard. The company’s CEO, Renée James, highlighted that these chips were specifically designed for cloud efficiency and performance and marked a significant shift in the sector with a new custom core leveraging internal IP.

The Rise of AmpereOne-3

Looking ahead, Ampere’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Wittich, shared insights with The Next Platform regarding the future of Ampere processors. Wittich mentioned that an updated chip, likely to be known as AmpereOne-2, is set to be released later this year, featuring enhancements such as 12 memory channels and an A2 core with improved performance. What’s even more exciting is the projected release of the AmpereOne-3 in 2025, which is anticipated to boast an impressive 256 cores utilizing TSMC’s 3 nanometer processes with a unique chiplet design.

Reportedly, the AmpereOne-3 is expected to support PCI-Express 6.0 I/O controllers and a significant increase in DDR5 memory controllers, enhancing memory bandwidth by up to 50 percent. Wittich emphasized the company’s relentless pursuit of performance, efficiency, and cutting-edge features in each chip release, ensuring a consistent and powerful user experience across all Ampere products.

Continued Innovation and Competition

With the launch of the AmpereOne-3 on the horizon and its direct targeting of AI applications, Ampere Computing aims to rival industry giants like Nvidia’s B100. The strategic focus on incorporating advanced technologies like PCIe 6.0 and DDR5 further highlights the company’s commitment to driving the future of data center performance and efficiency.

As Ampere continues to push boundaries in processor design and performance, the imminent release of the AmpereOne-3 signifies a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards delivering cutting-edge solutions for AI and cloud computing applications. By leveraging innovative chiplet designs and state-of-the-art fabrication processes, Ampere Computing is poised to make a substantial impact on the semiconductor industry with its powerful 256-core CPU.

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