Konami provides a sneak peek at gameplay for MGS Delta: Snake Eater.

Konami reveals exclusive glimpse at gameplay for Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater.

Following its official declaration in May of the previous year, numerous enthusiasts of the Metal Gear Solid series have been eagerly anticipating further details about MGS Delta: Snake Eater – particularly the appearance of gameplay. During the latest Xbox Games Showcase, Konami officially unveiled our initial peek at the highly-anticipated remake.

While a specific release date (or timeframe) is still undisclosed, Konami provided an initial comprehensive view of the gameplay for Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, and although it may not exhibit the same level of polish as the prior installment from MGS originator Kojima himself – MGS V: The Phantom Pain – both veteran and novel fans should discover plenty to relish with the upcoming remake.

By advancing and modernizing MGS 3’s gameplay, Konami is incorporating two distinct control configurations, where “players can opt for a newly integrated, more contemporary control scheme. Alternatively, you have the option to engage with a traditional control layout that faithfully replicates the essence of the original game.”

Furthermore, even though we are already informed that the vocal performances will stay consistent with the original rendition, the developers have assured “completely new visuals and 3D sound to amplify the jungle ambiance.”

As the primary significant undertaking from the MGS series since the exit of Kojima, it will be intriguing to observe the final outcome in terms of appearance and gameplay when it debuts at some undetermined moment in the future.

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Konami Shares First Look at MGS Delta: Snake Eater Gameplay

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