Meta hints at an upcoming major hardware launch: the debut of its first augmented reality glasses, and we can’t wait.

Meta’s Reality Labs division, known for its VR hardware and software, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a blog post highlighting its journey. The post also contained a thrilling revelation – Meta hinted at the upcoming launch of its first-ever augmented reality (AR) glasses. These new specs are expected to combine elements from both Meta’s AR and VR hardware, offering a unique blend of features.

We’re ready for Meta’s next big hardware release 

Meta envisions these AR glasses complementing its existing mixed-reality headsets, positioning them as the “smartphones” to the headsets’ “laptop/desktop computers.” While the exact release date remains undisclosed, reports suggest a potential launch window around 2025-2027, with demo showcases rumored to happen sooner.

The integration of advanced AI capabilities with sleek form factors in Meta’s upcoming AR glasses has generated significant anticipation. The synergy between Meta’s existing technology and the promise of enhanced user experiences signifies a monumental leap in the realm of augmented reality.

Furthermore, the potential for these AR glasses to redefine user interactions through emerging technologies like AI opens doors to a myriad of innovative applications. This futuristic blend of hardware and software promises to deliver a seamless and immersive experience for users, showcasing Meta’s commitment to pushing boundaries.


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