Peacock is considering raising the prices for its monthly and annual plans once more.

Recent reports suggest that Peacock is once again increasing its prices, marking the second price hike within a year. Variety has revealed that the monthly Premium plan with ads will see a $2 raise to $7.99, surpassing the cost of Netflix’s Standard with ads option. Additionally, the mostly ad-free Premium Plus plan will now cost $13.99 per month. Furthermore, Peacock’s Premium annual subscription will jump to $79.99, while Premium Plus will go from $119.99 to $139.99 annually.

These adjustments will be implemented at various times for different customer groups. New subscribers will be subject to the price increase starting on July 18, while current users will experience the hike either on or after August 17, depending on their next billing cycle.

The rationale behind these price changes has raised many questions among consumers. While NBCUniversal has not issued an official statement regarding the second price adjustment, speculations have surfaced online linking the increase to the upcoming Olympics.

NBCUniversal secured the broadcasting rights for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, scheduled from July 26 to August 11. With potential coverage extending to Peacock TV and other NBC channels, the timing of the price hike has led to suspicions regarding its connection to the Olympic games.

Recent Updates

Speculations suggest that the introduction of new content, such as exclusive streaming rights to Oppenheimer and innovative features like Multiview and Live Actions, could be contributing factors to the pricing adjustments. Multiview enables users to watch four different Olympic sports simultaneously, while Live Actions allow viewers to stay with an event instead of switching to another broadcast. Additionally, the collaboration between Roku and NBCUniversal, introducing the NBC Olympic Zone, offers audiences a new way to experience the summer games on Roku devices.

We have reached out to NBCUniversal for clarification on these rumors and await their response. This article will be updated if any official comments are provided, with hopes that these speculations remain just that—speculations.

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