Phil Spencer makes an official statement regarding the closure of Xbox studios.

Approximately a month ago, there was widespread surprise in the industry after Microsoft revealed its decision to close 4 of its studios, which included the highly acclaimed Tango Gameworks and Arkane Austin. Known for his outspoken nature, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer had chosen to remain silent until now. Finally, he has given an official statement addressing the studio closures.

In an interview with IGN after the conclusion of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, Spencer was queried about the studio closures. In response, he conveyed:

“The shutdown of any team is undoubtedly challenging for the individuals affected, as well as the team as a whole. I refrained from making public statements earlier because now is the time to prioritize the well-being of the team and its members. This decision is undeniably tough on them, and I am committed to ensuring that we handle the situation appropriately with severance and other support for the team members. This is not about my image or that of Xbox. It is about those teams.”

He elaborated, “Ultimately, as I’ve emphasized repeatedly, I need to manage a sustainable business within the company, and part of that entails making difficult decisions that are necessary but not easy. These are decisions that someone must make.”

Spencer concluded by asserting, “We will forge ahead. We will continue to invest in our endeavors within Xbox and strive to cultivate the best possible business, enabling us to keep delivering events like the recent one we organized.”

Whether one chooses to accept Phil Spencer’s statements or not, we now have an official standpoint from the Head of Xbox on this issue.

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