Spotify has recently introduced a new quiz to unveil your K-Pop personality – find out which member of the band you are most like!

There are many reasons why Spotify is one of the best music streaming services, and one of them is the service’s unique quizzes and interactive features. Its latest feature, Your K-Pop Persona, is pitched at fans of the increasingly popular genre, allowing you to find out which role you’d assume in a K-Pop band. 

Available until May 10, Spotify’s K-Pop Persona quiz is designed to celebrate the genre and K-Pop fans alike. Much like its other features, such as Playlist in a Bottle, Your K-Pop Persona can be found in the Spotify app and presents you with five questions that will use your answers to generate your persona from one of the five band roles: Main Visual, a Main Vocal, a Main Rapper, a Main Dancer, or a Trainee. 

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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