Spotify is considering increasing its pricing, check out these top three alternatives that I love.

Spotify is rumored to be considering an increase in its pricing, as revealed in a recent Bloomberg report citing anonymous sources familiar with the streaming giant’s future strategies. The plan involves a raise in prices by $1 to $2 per month in five markets, including the UK, Australia, and Pakistan, by April 30, with the United States expected to experience similar changes later in the year.

The primary motivation behind the price hike is to offset the cost of introducing audiobooks to the platform in November. Spotify has to pay publishers for this new content, leading to the necessity of charging more to maintain financial stability.

Despite the popularity of audiobooks on Spotify, not every user engages with this content. To cater to various user preferences, Spotify plans to introduce a new subscription plan focused on music and podcasts only, thereby maintaining the current pricing for individual premium plans. Users opting for this new tier will have the option to purchase audiobooks separately.

Tidal – Best Overall Alternative

Tidal stands out as a top alternative to Spotify for music enthusiasts, offering premium audio quality through high-resolution streaming, an intuitive interface, a vast music library, and numerous music videos at the standard Spotify subscription price. For those seeking CD-quality audio, the HiFi Plus option provides this feature, albeit at a higher cost of $20 per month.

It is worth noting that Tidal lacks an extensive podcast collection compared to Spotify, making it more suitable for music aficionados who prioritize audio quality over other content types.

Qobuz – Best Alternative for Audiophiles

Qobuz caters to audiophiles by offering the highest audio quality available, allowing users to stream music in 24-bit FLAC format at up to 192KHz. This quality surpasses that of CD-quality tracks and sets Qobuz apart from competitors. Despite being a pricier option, with discounts available for yearly plans, Qobuz ensures a premium listening experience for dedicated music lovers.

YouTube Music – Best Content Alternative

YouTube Music often goes unnoticed as a music streaming service, but it offers a diverse content library that rivals other platforms. While lacking hi-res audio, YouTube Music compensates with an extensive music selection, podcasts, and audiobooks, all provided for free. The service’s playlist variety, exclusive features like file uploads, downloads, and the discovery of rare releases make it a compelling choice for those looking for a rich music experience.

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