The latest update, visionOS 2, introduces innovative spatial computing interactions for Apple’s Vision Pro.

Apple has just announced the arrival of visionOS 2, a significant update for Apple Vision Pro, presenting users with a new way to transform their favorite photos into spatial photos, introducing intuitive hand gestures for navigating visionOS, and offering developers additional opportunities to explore spatial computing features.

Apple Vice President of the Vision Products Group, Mike Rockwell, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “Apple Vision Pro offers cutting-edge experiences for both users and developers. We are thrilled to push the boundaries of spatial computing with visionOS 2 shortly after its initial launch. From streamlining navigation on visionOS to redefining how users engage with memories, along with enhancements in key Vision Pro apps, visionOS 2 delivers a range of new capabilities that we can’t wait for users to explore.”

One of the standout features of visionOS 2 is the ability for users to create spatial photos from their existing image library in the Photos app. By leveraging advanced machine learning technology, visionOS transforms standard 2D images into captivating spatial photos, providing a new dimension to reliving cherished memories.

Additionally, visionOS 2 introduces innovative hand gestures that enhance user interaction with Apple Vision Pro, enabling swift access to essential functions like Home View and Control Center. Moreover, productivity tools receive a boost with features like an upgraded Mac Virtual Display with higher resolution, mouse support for enhanced workflow flexibility, and the option to customize Home View by organizing apps to suit individual preferences.

Developers are not left behind, as visionOS 2 offers new APIs and frameworks to empower them in creating immersive app experiences that leverage spatial computing to the fullest. These tools enable developers to craft apps that are more volumetric and foster shared experiences across various categories.

Furthermore, Apple is expanding its immersive video capabilities with Apple Immersive Video, a storytelling format that utilizes 3D 8K video along with Spatial Audio to transport viewers into the heart of the narrative. This innovation opens up new avenues for filmmakers and content creators to deliver captivating stories in an ultra-immersive format.

visionOS 2 also brings a host of additional features, such as the ability to watch videos in an Environment within Safari, support for multiview in the Apple TV app for sports enthusiasts, and new capabilities in the Mindfulness app for promoting calmness and focus.

The developer preview of visionOS 2 is now accessible to members of the Apple Developer Program, providing them with early access to explore the new features and tools. For more details, including availability and hardware requirements, visit the official Apple website.

Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation across its diverse range of products and software platforms, aimed at delivering seamless experiences and breakthrough services to users worldwide.

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