The Wear OS dive watch I’ve been eagerly anticipating is the OnePlus Watch 2 in Nordic Blue.

OnePlus has revealed the OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue, a special edition of its OnePlus Watch 2 which offers a classic dive watch-style dial, new strap, and other touches. 

The OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue shares the same internal specs as the regular OnePlus Watch 2, including its 100-hour battery life (made possible by its crafty use of dual chipsets) and Wear OS 4. No new workout profiles or other internal features have been added to this edition of the watch: it’s all external changes to this contender for one of this year’s best smartwatches for Wear OS users.

As well as the new two-tone colorway and GMT dial in the style of classic chronometers, the strap is a hybrid of real leather and fluoro rubber, so it’ll look slick on the wrist and remain ‘skin friendly’, although it’s not clear at present whether the genuine leather aspects of the strap will be fully waterproof or not. In a statement, OnePlus said the watch is inspired by “Scandinavian beauty and design aesthetics.” 

OnePlus Watch 2 is available for pre-order now in the UK and EU for £329, equivalent to around $407 / AU$630. At a press conference in Finland on 23 April, it was referred to as a UK and Europe exclusive, costing €379 euros on the continent.

It’s a slight price increase compared to the standard Watch 2, which costs £299 in the UK, but that often happens with limited or special editions. Those who pre-order the OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Edition in the EU through the OnePlus website can also get a free pair of OnePlus Buds 3 with the purchase.

OnePlus has also revealed the price of the OnePlus Pad Go, its already-revealed budget tablet, which is now available to buy in the UK for £299.

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