There are rumors circulating that a major upgrade is on the way for a key Apple app in macOS 15.

Rumors are swirling about a major upgrade that is set to come to a key Apple app in the upcoming macOS 15. While not the most glamorous software Apple offers, the Calculator app is reportedly in line for a significant overhaul – said to be the most substantial in years.

With its own codename, GreyParrot, inspired by the African grey parrot known for its intelligence, this update is expected to introduce the Math Notes feature. This feature will streamline the process of transferring calculations between the Notes and Calculator apps. Additionally, a new sidebar displaying Calculator history is rumored to be part of the package, possibly getting its own dedicated button on the app interface.

Currency Conversions and Visual Redesign

Aside from functionality improvements, a visual redesign is also said to be on the horizon for the Calculator app, aligning it with the aesthetics of the iOS Calculator. Expect rounded buttons and darker tones of black to grace the interface. Users may even have the ability to resize the app window, with the buttons adjusting accordingly – a feature not currently available.

In terms of usability, unit conversions are slated to become more intuitive and readily accessible. Users will no longer need to navigate through menus to select conversion types, eliminating the need for a pop-up dialog box for currency conversions.

Apple’s motivation for these upgrades seems to be a desire to enhance competitiveness with rival apps like Microsoft’s OneNote and third-party options such as Calcbot for macOS. The Calculator app has remained largely unchanged for an extended period, and its basic feature set has left it trailing behind newer alternatives.

While there is no definitive confirmation from Apple regarding this upgrade, sources suggest that it is highly likely to materialize. More details about macOS 15, iOS 18, and other Apple software offerings are anticipated to be unveiled at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 10.

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