There will be no Nintendo Direct this week, according to a journalist, but it is expected to be broadcast by the end of the month.

A well-known Brazilian reporter has stated that there will not be a Nintendo Direct showcase happening this week. Despite various speculations suggesting otherwise, it has been verified that Nintendo will not be hosting a new Direct episode within the upcoming days. However, fans of Nintendo can find comfort in the announcement that a new Nintendo Direct is projected to occur later within the month. The reliable Brazilian journalist @phluttilippe conveyed this information earlier today. While the precise date for this broadcast remains uncertain, it is anticipated to transpire by the end of the month. “There is no Nintendo Direct planned for this week,” the writer shared on X, according to Google translation. “As of now, the end of the month is the likely period, although the exact date is yet to be determined.”

In the previous month, Nintendo’s President, Furukawa, confirmed the scheduling of a Direct presentation for this month. The intent of this event will be to discuss the software lineup for the Nintendo Switch in the latter half of 2024. However, it was clarified that there will be no mention of the anticipated Nintendo Switch successor during this address. “We are set to conduct a Nintendo Direct this June focusing on the Nintendo Switch’s software releases for the latter part of 2024, but please note that information on the Nintendo Switch successor will not be disclosed during this broadcast,” Furukawa had remarked last month.

Though this does not definitively eliminate the possibility of a Direct episode this current week, the journalist has a history of accurately disclosing Nintendo-related information prior to official announcements. Additionally, @phluttilippe was one of the initial sources to indicate that the launch of the Switch successor is scheduled for March 2025, instead of this year. While Nintendo is yet to formally introduce the successor to the Switch, President Furukawa recently affirmed that the Switch 2 reveal will occur before April 2025, within the span of Nintendo’s fiscal year concluding in March 2025.

Maintain vigilance for updates on Nintendo’s plans for this month as we will promptly provide any new information as it develops.

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